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Name:Delatorro McNeal
Company:Delatorro Worldwide Empowerment
Title:Peak Performance Expert
Address:Delatorro Worldwide Empowerment 1936 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. #331 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8482787884
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Delatorro McNeal
Delatorro McNeal

Watch a welcome video by Delatorro L. McNeal II Delatorro L. McNeal, II is a world renowned Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Successful Entrepreneur, and Television Personality. As the CEO and President of Delatorro Worldwide Empowerment, Delatorro operates three blossoming corporations.

He was most recently named “One of the Top Four Best Campus Speakers” of 2004 & 2005. In addition, The Tampa Bay Business Journal recently named Delatorro as “One of the Top 30 Under 30” an award of distinction given to the top thirty outstanding business leaders in the Tampa/St. Pete Metropolis. Additionally, Delatorro was a finalist for the 2006 Young Minority Business Person of the Year!

The accomplished author of 4 books, including his international bestseller, Robbing The Grave of Its Greatness, and his collegiate bestseller, The Rules of the Game, Delatorro has dedicated his life, to empowering people across the world through every medium possible! Corporations, colleges, professional associations, churches, conferences, school systems, and civic organizations call on Delatorro to deliver over 100 power-packed presentations each year.

 Affectionately known as “The Greatness Guy” Delatorro takes audiences by storm with his powerful, practical, and paradigm-shifting keynotes and seminars centered on his mantra that, “Goodness is free, but Greatness will cost you! The question is, are you ready to pay the price?”
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